(meteorobs) Quads and Questions

GeoZay at aol.com GeoZay at aol.com
Wed Jan 4 18:06:48 EST 2006


> I wonder what our peers out there do to keep on the  ball?<<
During my observing years, staying alert all night was something to think  
about. One of the things that helped me to stay peaked was that I'd operate two  
guided wide angle cameras. I'd get up about every 30 minutes to advance the  
film.. This usually involved climbing down from the top of my observatory, 
walk  about 25 feet, stop the exposure, make a quick polar alignment for the star 
 tracker and start the next exposure...then hot foot back to my electric 
blanket  lined sleeping bag to continue my observations a little fresher than when 
I  got up. This whole procedure would take me about 1 to 2 minutes.
George Zay 

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