(meteorobs) Quads and Questions

prospector at znet.com prospector at znet.com
Fri Jan 6 06:49:09 EST 2006

     I can't say I've experianced any "ghost meteors" like some of the list,
I'm wondering how they should be classified? Maybe we could rate them, like;

     #1 I believe I saw it!
     #2 I really believe I saw it!
     #3 I think I realy believe I saw it!

    On a more serious note, by chance while I was taking out the trash I
saw about a +3 meteor drop to the horizon from the general region of Orion,
which was up but still lower in the East. Then about 01:10, local time, I
was starting to count the stars in the Sword of Orion using my binoculars
(we have very clear skies with a Santa Ana and 70 F degree weather), and a
a dim meteor crossed the Sword from the east, +6 or +7. These may bracket a
radiant as they were about 180 degees out from each other going opposite
directions. I checked Alcor and with my binoculars, I could make out the
third star in the group (for my LM with the binoculars) and maybe a forth
some distance off.
                                Dave English
                           Oceanside, California

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