(meteorobs) Fireball Over California

Robert Lunsford lunro.imo.usa at cox.net
Fri Jan 6 12:13:05 EST 2006

The American Meteor Society has received numerous reports of a significant 
fireball occurring over central California shortly after 0700 Universal Time 
on January 5 (2300 Jan 4 local time) 2006. Most of the reports indicate a 
peak brightness rivaling the full moon. Many witnesses mention a bright 
green or blue flash and several reported fragmentation. Reports have been 
received from as far north as Redwood City and south to Ontario.

Preliminary analysis indicate this object may have been a member of the 
Eclipticid (Delta Cancrid) meteor shower. This weak shower is active 
year-round from a radiant located nearly opposite that of the sun. It is 
best observed near 0100 local time when the radiant lies highest above the 
horizon. The Eclipticids are known to produce bright fireballs, especially 
during the months from February through April.

The 2006 AMS fireball table may be viewed at: 

Clear Skies!

Robert Lunsford
American Meteor Society 

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