(meteorobs) Lyrids in Springtime

Catlin cat at catlin.force9.co.uk
Mon Jan 9 12:04:05 EST 2006

Hi Michael from Leeds, England here.
I wondered if anyone could furnish me with their Lyrid observations. 
In England April is often cloudy and a couple of years ago I saw what I
thought was a Lyrid fireball through a window in the clouds.
It was quite slow and left a thick, huge yellow train. 
The date was 21 April 00 at 23.00 BST (I'm a novice and could ask if I
send this e-mail now, what would the universal time be?
Our clocks here have been put back one hour for winter)
It was reminiscent of a car fog-lamp shining through the mist.
Toodle pip,

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