(meteorobs) Remote observing and vehicle tips....

Malcolm J. Currie mjc at star.rl.ac.uk
Thu Jan 12 16:13:02 EST 2006

> I have covered my interior light casing with the small red plastic sheeting
> pieces that are sold as 'patch kits' for broken tail lights.

The solution has to be removable without leaving stains on the
light interior fabric.

> For a temporary solution.... always carry pieces of a cheap red plastic
> tablecloth with you (available at party stores)... and a roll of masking
> tape.  That can be used for covering just about anything, although you'll
> probably have to use it double or triple thickness.

I use some multi-layered red crepe paper with masking tape.  It's the
fact that I now have to go to such inconvenience that I object to.

> The only time the car wouldn't budge was one weekend it hit -45C... a record

Wow.  About -15C is my limit for an extended telescopic session.


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