(meteorobs) Stardust Re-entry : radio attempt : inconclusive

Thomas Ashcraft heliotown27 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 15 06:35:23 EST 2006

January 15, 2006
  I attempted a forward scatter radio observation of the Stardust space capsule re-entry but my results are inconclusive as I write this quick report.
  From my observatory in north central New Mexico forward scatter reflections could have been marginally receivable from radio stations in the Pacific northwest US.  Unfortunately, my location of 20 miles southeast of Santa Fe, NM means I had to aim my antennas towards the vicinity of Santa Fe itself which made it difficult to tune past local radio stations. The local FM dial from 88 MHz to 108 MHz is pretty saturated around here and I was limited to one space on the dial at 89.5 MHz. 
  Between 0956 UT and 1000 UT I noted some distinct scatter reflections but they weren't coherent enough to conclusively be the Stardust capsule and could have been made by natural meteors.  I recorded until 1020 UT thinking there might be a reflective trail that remained in the sky.
  I will study my audio recording tomorrow with a fresher mind to see if there is anything significant or less obvious. 
  I would be interested in any other scatter attempts, be they positive, negative, or inconclusive.
  Thomas Ashcraft
  Radio Fireball Observatory

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