(meteorobs) Observation June 30/July 1, 2006 from Slovenia

Javor Kac javor.kac at orion-drustvo.si
Sat Jul 1 07:11:12 EDT 2006

Hi All,

yesterday I took advantage of the very transparent sky and 
observed for one hour close to home. Unfortunately the clouds 
rolled in at 1 AM local time so I had to quit.
At last I saw a number of meteors that kept me busy most of the 
time. Twelwe meteors were recorded with two of them belonging to 
the Antihelion radiant. Most were faint but there was a really nice 
very fast yellow magnitude -2 meteor from the apex region. It 
started in Cygnus, crossed Lyra and ended in Hercules, leaving 3-
second train almost all along its 50-degree long path. This meteor 
was also seen by at least two other observers in Slovenia.

Clear skies!

The Summary:
Date: June 30/ July 1, 2006
Begin: 21h 46m UT
End: 22h 53m UT
Location: l= 15o 31' 14" E, fi= 46o 23' 30" N, h= 305m
Place: Kostanjevec, Slovenia (23108)
Observer : Javor Kac (KACJA)

Period (UT)  Teff   F   Lm  ANT JBO Spor
21:46-22:53  1.08 1.00 6.56  2   0   10
FOV: 255+65

Magnitude distributions:
ANT: +3(1) +4(1)
Spor: -1(1) +2(2) +3(3) +4(2) +5(2)

Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia -- 46ø23'24N - 15ø33'47E - 288m
E-mail: javor.kac at orion-drustvo.si
Personal homepage:  http://www2.arnes.si/~mborion4/javor-E.htm
MBK Team: http://www.orion-drustvo.si/MBKTeam/mbkteam.htm
Orion Astronomical Society:  http://www.orion-drustvo.si

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