(meteorobs) Observation July 15/16, 2006 from Slovenia

Javor Kac javor.kac at orion-drustvo.si
Sun Jul 16 07:11:11 EDT 2006

Hi All,
I observed yesterday for an hour before the Moon became too 
much of a nuisance. Before I set up the sky was perfectly clear 
and very transparent for July. But as soon as I began to set my 
equipment a patch of low clouds began to form just to the south of 
my observing location. As a result only the sky below 50 deg was 
clear in the direction of south and it was mostly clear from the 
zenith towards north. So I faced north the entire observation, which 
reduced my ability to distinguish ecliptical showers well.
Only little meteor activity was seen during the one-hour 
observation. Six meteors in total, but there was a nice Alpha 
Capricornid low in the west. Also, an early Perseid was seen 
shooting below Polaris.

Clear skies!

The Summary:
Date: July 15/16, 2006
Begin: 21h 09m UT
End: 22h 09m UT
Location: l= 15o 31' 14" E, fi= 46o 23' 30" N, h= 305m
Place: Kostanjevec, Slovenia (23108)
Observer : Javor Kac (KACJA)

Period (UT)  Teff   F   Lm  CAP AQU PER Spor
21:09-22:09  0.97 1.18 6.42  1   1   1    3
FOV: 280+70

Magnitude distributions:
CAP: 0(1)
AQU: +3(1)
PER: +4(1)
Spor: +2(1) +3(1) +4(1)

Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia -- 46ø23'24N - 15ø33'47E - 288m
E-mail: javor.kac at orion-drustvo.si
Personal homepage:  http://www2.arnes.si/~mborion4/javor-E.htm
MBK Team: http://www.orion-drustvo.si/MBKTeam/mbkteam.htm
Orion Astronomical Society:  http://www.orion-drustvo.si

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