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Fri Jun 1 08:33:37 EDT 2007


Next year - June 30,  2008 - will be the 90th  anniversary of  the
Tunguska explosion in the Siberia.

While researching a project,  I came across an article ( Electronics
World, 1960 pp 78-79) about A. S. Popov (1859 - 1906). In 1895 Popov
constructed a radio receiver for the detection of lightning discharges.
The device apparently was manufactured and distributed to meteorological
stations for research and (?) early storm warning  .

An article appeared in the 2000 Proceedings of the IEEE (Volume 88,
Issue 12, Dec 2000 Page(s):1972 - 1975) indicating a Popov detector was
in use in at  the Transvaal Meteorological Station from 1904 to ?.

After the Tungusta explosion there have been references to review of
microbar graphs and unusual barometric readings,  see The Tungusta and
Sikhote-Alin Meteors, E. L. Krinov., 208-234. Earth, Meteorites and
Comets. Solar System 17.

The question is,  has any one found references to other meteorological
(weather) stations in Europe/Asia during the year 1908 using a Popov
lightning detector? If so, have the records been reviewed for data
collected during the Month of June 1908 indicating unusual electrical
discharges aka vlf signatures at the time of the Tungusta Event.

George John Drobnock

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