(meteorobs) National Dark Sky Day Petition (OT, but perhaps not)

Bruce McCurdy bmccurdy at telusplanet.net
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NOT. Dark skies are of critical importance to the science of meteor 

There is a growing momentum to the responsible lighting initiative of which 
this petition is just the latest ripple. I won't preach to the choir here, 
but will refer people to the recent Declaration in Defence of the Night Sky 
and the Right to Starlight (a.k.a. the "La Palma Declaration") endorsed by 
UNSECO and other major organizations.

See: http://www.unescocan.org/starlight/starlightdeclaration.htm and click 
on the link to "complete version". Some stilted diplomatic verbiage to be 
sure, but the intent is clear and there are some real gems in there. The 
more voices that can be added to this discussion, the better.


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While not directly related to meteorobs, light pollution is increasingly
hindering observers and casual skywatchers to enjoy dark skies, an important
and most interesting part of which are meteors. Take a look:


even if a single signature is like a drop in the ocean, in time perhaps 
will be enough drops - either from this petition or from other efforts in
reducing LP - to make a change.
Clear skies!
Jure A.


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