(meteorobs) National Dark Sky Day Petition (OT, but perhaps not)

mark ford markf at ssl.gb.com
Mon Jun 4 07:52:23 EDT 2007

I am all for signing petitions but also remember that actions speak louder than words. i.e tell everyone turn off all those un-needed lights! (I even know a few astronomers who leave their house/hallway/kitchen lights on needlessly, then have a moan about light pollution later!), we are all guilty.

.. And the growing problem of 'electromagnetic pollution' is to me even more scary! 


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While not directly related to meteorobs, light pollution is increasingly 
hindering observers and casual skywatchers to enjoy dark skies, an important 
and most interesting part of which are meteors. Take a look: 


even if a single signature is like a drop in the ocean, in time perhaps there 
will be enough drops - either from this petition or from other efforts in 
reducing LP - to make a change.
Clear skies!
Jure A.


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