(meteorobs) ICOM PR1000 + FM Antenna on Channel 6 = No results yet

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Mon Jun 11 17:53:48 EDT 2007

Not sure what you are doing now.

I thought you were interested in the FM band.

Channel 6 if it is in the frequency of 83 mhz is far below the maximum gain 
frequency of the FM-6.

The URL data I sent you earlier shows an increasing LOSS of antenna gain at 
the low end of the FM band(88 mhz) with a FM-6.

You are operating apparently well below the antenna's FM design.

Not sure why you have a "splitter" in the system. Splitters decrease signal 

The CW filter should probably be set toward 15Khz. The 2.8Khz (3.0) may be 
too narrow for the audio spectrum of meteors. Not sure myself of where the 
meteor sound spectrum is most prevelant. Others may know.

I assume from your language the antenna is not truly straight up, but is 
aimed at a distant zenith(60 miles up), MID-WAY between you and the 
transmitting station.

I do not engage in RF meteor detection so this is ONLY my opinion of the 
whole thing you are doing.....

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Subject: (meteorobs) ICOM PR1000 + FM Antenna on Channel 6 = No results yet

> Hi,
> My setup:
> A Radioshack FM-6, connected to a RG6 cable via a 300-to-75ohm
> transformer, into a splitter, then connected to a ICOM PR1000 with a
> RG59 cable and F-to-BNC connector. The antenna points almost straight
> upward towards the zenith/south (There are a couple of Channel 6
> stations located southwards in Santa Barbara and San Diego)
> The PR1000 is tuned to 83.25Mhz (Channel 6) and set on CW mode (filter
> 3khz). The audio output goes into the soundcard of a pc and recorded
> thru audacity.
> So far all I have is a straight line when I look at the waveform of
> the recorded audio.
> Any suggestions to improve my chances of observing meteors? Or am I
> missing something here? Do you think its absolutely necessary to
> upgrade to a TV antenna for this purpose?
> Thanks,
> - Siddhartha
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