(meteorobs) Re: ICOM PR1000 + FM Antenna on Channel 6 = No results yet

Geoff Wolfe dxer2_2000 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 12 18:00:53 EDT 2007


If you're listening for the audio carrier of any TV station, you need to
listen in the FM mode as the sound is Frequency Modulated.

For the vision carrier, as they in AM mode, you're better off using USB mode
& de-tuning the receiver down by about 700hz - 900hz. eg. If I listen for
57.26 (Ch1), then I would de-tune my R-7100 to 57.253 Mhz. For the US Ch6 =
67.25, detune in USB to 67.243Mhz.

Better to use Horizontal POL for your antenna.

This may provide better results.

Also, be aware of E-Skip during summer months, which occurs at Band 1 very

Geoff - Bombala NSW Australia

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