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Thu Jun 14 15:54:05 EDT 2007

What was the source of this story?
I'd like to follow up.

We don't even know what time this was. I have a report from a copilot
reporting a fireball late last night in this area.

Please tell us where the story came from!!

BTW, that's a general good rule. If you quote something, give the source :)

> Did anyone see this?
> North Texas Meteors
> Callers flooded North and East Texas television stations Wednesday night
> with reports of seeing a bright streak of light moving across the sky.
> The astronomy lab at the University of North Texas said the fireball was
> the result of a minor meteor shower. The shower is caused by the Earth
> passing through the tail of a comet.  In 2004, the same shower produced
> 20-50 meteors in an hour.
> If you have photos you would like to share of the meteor shower, upload
> them into our slideshow using the form below.
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