(meteorobs) fireball sighting

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I take it you did not instantly stop, note your EXACT location & 
surroundings and mark it physically, and reference an object directly in 
line with the impact glow from that position?

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My name is Jason.  I wanted to see if anyone saw a possible meteor fall
in the Yakima area, possibly around Selah/Selah Heights.  I live In
Naches & I was driving from Naches to Yakima last this morning at
exactly 3:47am on 6-18-2007.  A fireball fell from the sky in the SSE
sky.  It was almost coming straight down with a slight angle.  The color
was green & it had a orange tail.  It hit the ground about 10-15 mile in
front of me, & I saw a quick orange glow & it went away very fast.  I
first thought it was a flare or a firework, but it was coming down very

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