(meteorobs) Is this what it sounds like + Some weird samples

Ed Totman etotman at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 19 11:28:05 EDT 2007

I only listened to the first sample.  It sounds like meteor echoes to me.  

Have you tried a lower frequency such as channel 2?  Using an inexpensive outdoor rooftop TV antenna and a TV amplifier mounted close to the antenna, with a radio tuned to 55.24 mhz (approximately) I listen to meteor head echoes.  They sound like incoming bombs!  The inital head echo itself is very brief, followed by strong continuous returns for several minutes.  I've recorded images of these head echoes on my SDR-14.  I'll post a link later tonight if you are interested.

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First of all, thanks everyone with helping me with figuring out how to
listen on Channel 6. I appreciate everyone's patience and support.

I am now tuned to 83.240Mhz on the PCR1000 on the CW mode (filter
2.8khz). Everything is turned off except the DSP unit for filtering
noise. Using ICOM's software I don't hear anything but with the same
setting I was able to capture all this using PCRTalk. Does anyone have
an idea why would that be?

Here are a few samples:
Does this sound like what I should be listening for?

Not sure, what are these. The kind sampled in "05" went on for a
couple of hours.

Appreciate your comments on these samples and please let me know of a
clean way to share these samples.


- Siddhartha
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