(meteorobs) Good radios for tv carrier meteor scatter?

drobnock drobnock at penn.com
Fri Jun 29 08:19:39 EDT 2007

(third attempt to send)

I am attaching a web page ( for northern hemisphere observers) that
maybe of interest to those interested in meteor scatter and searching
for new frequencies that may not have originally been considered.

The site includes real time propagation predictions for 6 and 2 metre
beacons. The site also includes a map plotting meteor/airplane scatter
received stations. --- Yes it is possible to bounce a radio signal --
FM, TV, amateur, utility-- of an airplane.

Side note (urban legend?) -- in the 1940's there were several air
disasters caused from radar bouncing off cargo planes carrying
photographic flash bulbs made with magnesium. The high power emp would
ignite the filaments. Creating a fire within the aircraft cargo area.

Also suggestions of utility stations weather beacon stations (NOAA) and
air navigation beacons.

Not all these frequencies are an option for meteor work, as the
transmitting stations may be low power (the utility stations) others
such as the 6/2 metre may be intermittent operation. Also other factors
such as ducting  and E -sporadic may  create other problems.


George John Drobnock

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