(meteorobs) Ugly night in NJ Sept 2/3

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Mon Sep 3 16:12:16 EDT 2007

NJAA Observatory (25186)
74.53.54 W  40.40.52N
Wayne T Hally (HALWA)
Data reported to IMO

F=1.00 throughout
Date UT 2007 Sept 3

Conditions were so bad I almost didn't submit this, but for continuity's
sake decided to do so.
Both meteors occurred in first 5 minutes. The other 64 minutes were spent
trying to
provide an accurate LM estimate, watching satellites, and listening to
SPE radiant is based on epheremis in 2007 calendar, not Sirko Molau's
video data.
SPE would not have been classified as such if SM's radiant was used.
One thing this morning session did was show how brutal poor conditions are
unless there is a low "r" shower active, and how wonderful the two previous
nights were considering the moon. A night like this would have greatly
reduced the value of the previous two night's observations.
Mercifully, low level clouds began to form in place at 0807, so I ended
the session immediately
Temp 57.6F, RH 74%
Moon 56 deg elevation, 59% illuminated, Mag -10.5

Teff 1.15
1 SPE (+3)
1 Ant (+1)


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