(meteorobs) meteorite fall in Brazil 3/6/06;solar eclipse

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Tue Sep 11 13:45:48 EDT 2007

Dear meteorobs.org subscribers:
        I have yet to witness any independent online reports regarding the 9/11/2007 partial solar eclipse that peaked at 12:27 GMT/UT.   Perhaps that is simply due to the fact that this event (weather permitting) was located in the South Pacific Ocean many kilometres from Cape Horn, Chile at maximum penumbral shadow on the Sun's disc.   Clear skies!

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Eric Bynum, Kansas, U.S.A.
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> From: rgregio at uol.com.br
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> Subject: Re: (meteorobs) Claimed meteorite fall in Bahia, Brazil, on March 6
> Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 16:44:29 -0300
> Star greetings!
> Hi friends. Some sources bring news on a supposed meteorite that dropped
> very close to a small town in the state of Bahia - Brazil. I was waiting
> more concrete information to inform the fact to you.  I saw the report for
> television, but I don't still have information more hurried for you pass
> them. It is speculated that can have been a meteorite that exploded or then
> a small piece of space garbage.  I am awaiting new information and or some
> confirmation of the schedule (I think that went to night). The only
> certainty that we have up to now is that some thing dropped of the sky, it
> exploded and it provoked a fire in the place. Any new information will have
> immense pleasure in you pass it to you.
> Celestial hugs and good skies for everybody!
> R.Gregio
> Mococa/SP-BR
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