(meteorobs) Meteor software program needed?

Andrew Wood akbojibud at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 12 04:10:54 EDT 2007

Couldn't you rig it to a DVR?

stange34 at sbcglobal.net wrote:  Thinking along the lines of Chris Peterson's investigation, it might be very helpful if there were a universal camera "TIMED" imaging program, which could:

1) Detect the light of meteor/meteors in motion and record it as a short series of frames.
2) Allow an option for date & time to be specified for starting the time of capturing.
3) Specify individual capture time lengths in minutes. (called a Group in this example.)
4) Automatically restart for additional groups. (new capture periods).
5) Specifiy the turn off date/time for a night/week/month run. 
6) Stack all the frames within EACH group for a sum of meteor presence in that group. 
7) Allow an option for ALL the Groups to be stacked as a total of meteors from start to stop.

Each "Group" of frames would be stacked & imaged as a single .jpg or .bmp picture for example, with light streaks indicating the sum of meteor activity during that group period.

It might also be possible to make an image intensity comparison for brightness estimation besides direction, period of travel, trails, azimuth & elevation.. 

This has some features inherent in VCR's but without the difficulties of dealing with long period tapes at slow playback speeds.

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