(meteorobs) Great fireball over New Mexico Sept 13, 2007

stange34 at sbcglobal.net stange34 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 13 23:45:04 EDT 2007

Looks impressive.

Having a little difficulty viewing a continious movie of it. I am seeing 
widely spaced frame positions & am not sure why that is with my version of 


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> There was a large fireball over New Mexico this morning at 0920:02 UT  ( 
> 3:20 am MDT).  I think it made a sonic boom. I am still collecting 
> information from other observers.
> I captured the event in movies and posted them at the below address. 
> Please let me know if they do not play. I am experimenting with movie 
> formats and made one in Quicktime MPEG-4 movie and one in .divx.
> Hopefully you can play them okay!
> http://www.heliotown.com/Fireball_Sep_13_2007_Ashcraft.html
> Clear skies,
> Thomas Ashcraft
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