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Further thoughts... This may be a contributing factor in the recent New 
Mexico Earth-Grazing fireball of the 13th which entered and left the 
atmosphere at shallow angles of 20 to 25 degrees. Period of visible abation 
changes would also relate to rotational mass of the object and its velocity.


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> Those not familiar with skipping stones across a pond,  may be
> interested in the following article by Lyderic Bocquet, University of
> Lyon.
> http://lpmcn.univ-lyon1.fr/~lbocquet/AJPricochets.pdf
> The principle may be adapted to showing that a skipping meteor is
> possible. Certain considerations will need to be added to the formula --
> angular velocity, density of the atmosphere, the ablation slipperiness
> of the meteor, and the possible shape of the meteor -- is it flat?
> Just a comment .
> George John DRobnock
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