(meteorobs) Some preliminary thoughts on the Peruvian event

David Entwistle david.entwistle at dsl.pipex.com
Fri Sep 21 23:35:12 EDT 2007

In message <fd08ap+v7o4 at eGroups.com>, mark_vornhusen <mark at vornhusen.de> 
>Dear Andrei,
>also there is an eyewitness report that stones rained down from the
>sky for several minutes after the main impact. Before the impact there
>was a strong sound, like an airplane, reported another eyewitness.
>Nearly all reports indicate a meteorite origin of the crater. In my
>opinion there is little room for doubts that it was indeed a meteorite
>impact. The eyewitness reports don't fit to a volcanic eruption or a
>man made explosion.

I believe, but would welcome confirmation from someone fluent in the 
language, that there are preliminary results of the sample analysis on 
the UMSA Planetario Max Schreier web site.


Well done UMSA.
David Entwistle

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