(meteorobs) Some other preliminary thoughts on the Peruvian event

drobnock drobnock at penn.com
Sat Sep 22 00:42:54 EDT 2007

Without knowing the geology of the region of the meteorite fall in Peru,
the news article suggest the sickness may be a result of localized dust.

Close the site (in km) are mineral veins, including the mines near La

The following is offered as a possible connection for  terrestrial dust
causing the sickness:

"Copper mine which works several veins in a late Tertiary volcanic
massif, the Serrania de Laurani, which sticks up out of the Altiplano
with elevations up to 4,400 metres. The mineralization is richer in
arsenic and poorer in antimony than most of the more famous bolivian
mines. The as yet unworked San Geronimo vein held 2 to 3% Cu, 150 ppm
Ag, 3 to 5 ppm Au (Ahlfeld, F. and Schneider-Scherbina, A. (1964): Los
Yacimientos Minerales y de Hidrocarburos de Bolivia)."

It is possible the arsenic and related minerals may be a contributing

As the CNN  news report stated,  blood samples were taken and if there
is a terrestrial connection in a local toxin it will be soon known.

This is offered as only speculation.

George John Drobnock

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