(meteorobs) Morse Code or Dash-DOT!!-Dash Meteor (N. Calif.)

Kim Hay cdnspooky at persona.ca
Tue Sep 25 06:29:50 EDT 2007

On 24 Sep 2007 at 16:33, Wayne Watson wrote:

Hi Wayne,

There was also a report of a fireball going over London Ontario, that 
was captured on Dr.Peter Brown's all sky cam. 

Here is the London RASC Centre webpage http://www.astro.uwo.ca/~rasc/

There is a small thumbnail of the bolide 1/2 down the page, click on 
it for a larger image.

> A fireball blazed over our Sacramento skies late last night, and was caught 
> on my video camera. I would guess this one left the atmosphere. No reports 
> of debris that I know of yet. See a composite and QT mov (movie) file of the 
> event at <http://speckledwithstars.net/meteor_beginnings.html>. Scroll to 
> the bottom.


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