(meteorobs) Meteoroid streams and the Moon

Karl Antier ka.antier at wanadoo.fr
Tue Dec 2 03:50:27 EST 2008

Hi all meteor observers,

Following this intersting thread, I was whether if the Moon influence
on meteoroid streams couldn't manifest itself by a more diffuse radiant 
than usual? Or maybe a drift of it?
Actually, if meteoroids are deflected from their original parallel orbit,
and that one can see from his own observing sites meteors resulting from
atmospheric entry of meteoroids that converged in the direction of the
observer (assuming he's at the right place at the right time, without
clouds), not only would meteors be numerous, but radiant should be more
diffuse, as the orbit of meteoroid wouldn't be so parallel, shouldn't they?
And if the deflection is so large that an observer can not see all deflected
meteoroids, but only part of the 'cone' deflection, that would give birth
to a new radiant slightly shifted from the classic one, wouldn't it?
But maybe that kind of drift/diffusivity of the radiant isn't so easy to

Clear skies,

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