(meteorobs) Meteorite pix

Greg Miller gmiller at gregmiller.net
Wed Dec 3 13:46:47 EST 2008

I'm not too familiar with Apollo 13 (other than the movie).  But the 
drop in temperature would most likely be due to air leaking out of the 
ship and being replaced with oxygen from a pressurized canister.

GeoZay at aol.com wrote:
>>> Meteorites have several opportunities to gain heat, first from  the sun
> in space where the sunlight side can reach 120C/248F.  <<
> How come the astronauts on apollo 13 complained about it  getting cold when 
> everything was shut off? I believe temps got down to around 32  F before they 
> finally got  back on earth. I imagine it would have gotten  colder over a 
> longer period of time. 

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