(meteorobs) Any reports of BIG fireball 5 minutesago?WesternCalif.

Chris Peterson clp at alumni.caltech.edu
Wed Dec 3 14:17:55 EST 2008

Looks like a meteor to me. Don't know what else it could be. I had one a 
little shorter, but otherwise quite similar last night: 
http://www.cloudbait.com/meteor/data.php?recnum=24662 . Actually, I had four 
sporadic fireballs over less than two hours in the early evening last night. 
When it rains it pours.


Chris L Peterson
Cloudbait Observatory

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> Thanks Chris. Nice image as usual.
> I have mine up at:
> http://geocities.com/stange34@sbcglobal.net/MORE_MISC_2008
> It is at the bottom right. Click on it for movie. I am not entirely sure
> this is a meteor. I seldom have one quite like this. Maybe you could 
> render
> a judgement....
> Larry

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