(meteorobs) More meteorite pix

Bruce McCurdy bmccurdy at telusplanet.net
Thu Dec 4 12:23:29 EST 2008

    For those interested, we have recently added pictures from Frank Florian's camera of our own discovery site to my provisional web page. Given the difficulty of the climb we only took one camera down there. 

    Here's a news story on the 13 kg monster we saw in the Marsden Hotel pub, courtesy David Roles:


    The discoverer, Les Johnson, and his family subsequently took the honourable decision to return the large meteorite to its rightful owner (the land owner on whose farm it was discovered), and revealed the exact location of the find to the Alan Hildebrand, Martin Beech and the research team. It left a pretty interesting hole in the ground.

    Murray Paulson advises an 11.5 kg specimen was found on Tuesday, which is  the first I have heard of within an order of magnitude of the Johnson find. Murray arrived at the site just minutes after the find. It was only a couple of metres off the road apparently, about half buried in the hole it created. It was on crown land, so finders keepers. Not sure which road, but given the crisscrossing we did of the area Saturday -- including frequent stops to get out and examine suspects -- we may well have driven right past the darn thing. :( 

    There is now a light covering of snow in the area which will surely limit finds to the larger pieces. Murray reports 15 searchers found just 3 pieces on Wednesday. More snow in the forecast. It is expected that group searches will be organized after spring thaw. 

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