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Acknowledged Chris.

Perhaps the excitement over the piece under examination is the chance it 
might be a product of the Jupiter-Asteroid collision which may have caused 
additional isotopes to be formed in the asteroid fragments.


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> The only difference between cosmic rays in the Solar System and outside it
> is that locally you have a slightly higher rate of relatively low energy
> particles from the Sun. The planets have no effect at all. By most
> standards, almost no meteorites would be considered "radioactive", 
> although
> most natural materials, meteorites included, have some low background
> activity. Most radioactive isotopes present when the objects formed have
> long since decayed to very low levels, and regardless of location, the 
> rate
> of cosmic ray impacts and occasional conversion of material to radioactive
> species is far too low to result in significant radioactivity in bulk.
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>> Is it thought that meteroids entering the solar system from a travel
>> through
>> the galaxy would not be radioactive from encountering primarily higher
>> energy cosmic rays, but those meteoroids formed (within) the solar system
>> and coming from orbits within the asteroid belt would be radioactive from
>> isotope formation due to planetary magnetic focussing of lower energy
>> cosmic
>> rays?
>> Is my understanding correct that rates and velocities of cosmic radiation
>> that cause isotope formation, would be dramatically different in these 
>> two
>> situations?
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