(meteorobs) Geminids in Greece ...

jackob strikis jdstrikis at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 13 06:40:07 EST 2008

Good Morning All...

Yesterday the night was a litle boring from here... 
I sent you my visual count & 2 photos obtained...

Athens Greece
Lm. 4.0-4.5(for a few minutes)
Field of view ( I do not know how we use coordinates so I write you the constelation in the center) Cassiopeia & Moon (lower & higher)

Geminids: 1 -(-3mag)
                1 -(0mag)
                3 -(3mag)

Sporadics: 1 -(-1mag)
                 1 -(3mag)

Total Gems: 5
-//-    Spor:  2

images: http://www.freewebs.com/elizabethobservatory/apps/photos/photo.jsp?photoID=19766522&prev=1 

PS: Sorry for the missing Data above but I am a new observer & most of them will come in time... Hope to be usefull

Clear Sky with Lot of Fireworks


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