(meteorobs) ?Errant Geminid? - Meteorite Destroys Warehouse in Aukland, New Zealand?

David Entwistle David at radiometeor.plus.com
Sun Dec 14 13:51:28 EST 2008

In message <cf3.49bd4e3a.36769adf at aol.com>, Desantisk at aol.com writes
>Perhaps an errant Geminid?

In addition to Alister's comments, I think the Geminids are of the hook. 
If my calculation is correct, the Geminid radiant rises, in Ponsonby, 
after 10:00 UT and sets at 18:00 UT - or in local time it rises after 
23:00 local time and sets at 07:00 local time.

It sounds like an interesting, if unconnected to the blaze, fireball 
report though.
David Entwistle

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