(meteorobs) HALWA at NJAA Dec 14 2008

meteoreye at comcast.net meteoreye at comcast.net
Mon Dec 15 09:54:50 EST 2008

Sorry, I copied the wrong column from my excel spreadsheet for the short term GEM magnitudes. Those numbers were for all the meteors in those periods. Here is the correct data for just the GEM meteors. Total meteor counts for those periods were 13,10,15, and 11

Geminid Mag distribution for shorter periods
0310-0410 (10 GEM) Avg Mag +1.35
0410-0434 (9 GEM) Avg Mag  +1.33
0434-0540 (11 GEM) Avg Mag +0.00
0540-0616 (9 GEM) Avg Mag +1.72

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