(meteorobs) Geminids peak from London - mini-outburst!?

Francisco Ocaña albireo3000 at yahoo.es
Mon Dec 15 12:58:51 EST 2008

Hi Leo,

I think that this kind of "clusters" are common. The 12th of December at 
23:38TU I recorded and saw 3 geminids in a minute.

Moreover I have noticed around 4 or 5 more of these clusters, with 2 
geminids in less than 3 minutes, appearing in the same place of the sky 
(+/- 5-10º)!!. I suppose that they are related (although they have 
thousand of km between them) , is that wrong?



Leo S escribió:
> At around 2:45-2:55 UT there was what appeared to be a mini outburst, 
> when I saw 4 Geminids in around 1.5 minutes, two of them fireballs. 
> Otherwise, there were quite long gaps between seeing Geminids. Given my 
> restricted view of the sky and the poor LM, this would suggest a ZHR 
> well in excess of 160 if I'm not mistaken?!

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