(meteorobs) Watec WAT902HS

Mike & Marjie Otte mmotte at starband.net
Tue Dec 30 09:07:25 EST 2008

I am new to video meteoring.

I bought a Watec WAT902HS off of ebay after reading some about video meteor
capturing.  Later, I see that  some suggest this isn't the best camera but I
am stuck with trying to make it work.

Has anyone used this camera for  video meteor capture?  What is the setup

My equipment is poor but I intend to improve it.

Watec 902hs
METEOR/PPB capture board
old compaq 400mhz pent 96 meg running win 98
Metrec software

I was using a FC-62C camera and getting a few meteors each nite.  I could
only see 1 or 2 bright stars so I never could calibrate it but it does run.
With the watec I only captured  2 meteors in 2 nites.

Yesterday I took the Watec apart and found:
3 switches on the right board  - two labeled s1 and s2, the other sw - no
gang of 8 dip switches on left board- all in off position

On the Watec website I signed up and can't find the 902HS   I downloaded
manuals from some of the other 902s but none have this switch arrangement.

Any help would be welcome!

Thank You in advance!

Mike Otte

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