(meteorobs) OT: Meteor Astronomers near Melbourne, Australia?

Lew Gramer Lew.Gramer at noaa.gov
Wed Dec 2 09:06:11 EST 2009

I will be traveling on business to Melbourne, Australia all of next week
(07-12 December). I have meetings several days, but would love to meet a
meteor astronomer or two (and maybe see a bit of the Southern sky from a darer
spot!) on the trip. Any meteor astronomers from that area of Oz on this list,
who might be willing to meet up with me while I am in the area? I did not plan
on having a rental car, but can arrange one for a day or two if need be.

BTW, sorry to all readers for the personal email on 'meteorobs'! This is just
the sort of thing I get after our other contributors for sometimes - but this
trip is fairly short notice for me, so I am scrambling a bit last minute.

Clear skies all,

Lew Gramer
Miami, FL, USA

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