(meteorobs) Low luminosity meteor and Geminids from Western PA 12-13-09

Bill and Yvonne wvymwalbek at comcast.net
Sun Dec 13 14:07:01 EST 2009

Hi All

In about 20 minutes of observing last night between 0600-0630ut.10 geminids seen before cloud moved in. LM 5.5.-5.7.
Temp 26 degrees and about 10% cloud. 

Also, I witnessed an enduring, low luminocity object travelling from N to S. Path length estimated to be 30-40 degrees, appearing very diffuse and traveling on the order of 15 degrees per second. 
I have seen them before but have never really known what to make of them. I have always thought anything that enduring would have to have a higher intrinsic brightness.  Has anyone witness this type of "meteor" or shed any light on what this type of object might be.

Bill Walbek
Aliquippa, PA

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