(meteorobs) More than one per minute - Costa Rica

Alejandra León leonale at racsa.co.cr
Mon Dec 14 11:28:12 EST 2009

Dear meteor observers,

I am not an expert, but I follow your list and would like to share our  
experience with the Geminids last night. We were a group of 40 people,  
composed of adults and children.

We travelled to the Nicoya peninsula in the Pacific coast, crossed the  
Gulf with a catamaran and observed in a Private Reserve away from the  
city lights. The sky was very clear, some clouds later in the night,  
but big holes to continue until 2 am.

The peak here was supposed to happen at 11 pm in Costa Rica (UT-6h)

I will post pictures and a longer report later, but meanwhile wanted  
to share the fact that we observed a great increase of meteors from  
about 11 pm until 2 pm when we stopped watching because we were back  
to the return point to take our bus and travel to San Jose in the  
Central Valley.

During this period -11 pm until 2 pm- we saw more than one Geminid per  
minute. So we think that the peak was delayed and it extended for   
quite a long while.

It was a great meter shower.

Best wishes,

Alejandra León-Castellá
Directora Ejecutiva Fundación CIENTEC

leonale at racsa.co.cr, leonale at yahoo.com
Tels: (506) 2233-7701, 2258-3583
Fax: (506) 2255-2182
San José, Costa Rica.     10°N, 84°O

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