(meteorobs) Ursids last night from Eastern Ontario

Chris Steyaert csteyaert at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 16:56:40 EST 2009

Radio observations at http://www.rmob.org/livedata/main.php, in 
particular those of Verbelen and Coussens (VVS beacon at 49.99 MHz), 
confirm this.



At 14:29 22/12/2009, Pierre Martin wrote:
>Hi all,
>It appears that there was a small burst(?) of Ursids roughly around
>1am EDT (6h00UT).  This included a mag -5 exploding Ursid fireball
>that left a 15 sec persistent train!  Perhaps it was just coincidence,
>but quick glances up upon arrival at the observing site seemed to show
>that something was up with the Ursids.
>Unfortunately, varying clouds forced sign-on not until about an hour
>and a half later (not to mention all my fumbling in setting up mount
>and cameras in -19C (-2F).  By then it seemed the activity returned to
>more normal levels with predominantly fainter meteors.  But still
>rather decent rates of around 10-15/hr visual Ursids under mag 6.3
>(approx) skies, so perhaps there was a broad enhancement.  An
>enjoyable session.  Good numbers of COM too.
>Will need to decode the tape and gather up the data ;)
>Pierre Martin
>Ottawa, Ontario

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