(meteorobs) QUA radiant somwehat large?

Jan Verfl Verfl.meteors at seznam.cz
Sat Jan 3 08:13:39 EST 2009

Hi all,

this morning (cca 1-5 UT) we observed QUAds under completele clear skies close to Prague, Czech Rep. The show was great, nevertheless we have found it slightly confusing.

I have seen quite a lot of major showers and the "radiant paradigm" has always worked. This time, I and one of my buddies got the feeling that there are some QUA (almost a half of them) that come from, say, 10  degrees north from the radiant, from the area around the appropriate "bend" of Draco. 

Is it possible that the QUA radiant is more diffuse than we are used to from PER/LYR/LEO/GEM, where I never got this feeling? Or even that there is a subradiant in this direction? Interestingly, this was seen only in the first part of the session - getting closer to the morning, the QUAds started to align nicely.

Thanks for any thoughts,

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