(meteorobs) Electrostatic charges went wild during shower.

stange stange34 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jan 3 21:58:32 EST 2009

This equipment was in operation from 7:26 PM 1/2/08 to 7:30 AM 1/3/08 
recording atmospheric charges. Measured every 0.2 second for 12 hours.

The data records an enormous amount of fluctuations in the sky charge during 
the shower. The fluctuations were independant of what the camera managed to 

The difficulty here is trying to make sense of it by seeing if there is an 
hourly grouping of some kind which might help associate it with the shower. 
That will take some time to do.

It will run tonight again but at a different setting which will be 5 time 
slower collecting data with a corresponding reduction in peak 
sensitivity....as a trial.


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