(meteorobs) Electrostatic charges went wild during shower.

stange stange34 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jan 4 13:59:28 EST 2009

Yes George. I will get it into some kind of time order and post pictures. I 
have not yet even looked at it sequentially.

I can also place this electrostatic program & the massive data file on CDROM 
and mail the whole thing to you for your own analysis. I can do this in 
limited numbers to anyone else interested if they send my their mailing 
address by e-mail. It would go out Monday.

The MOVING charge indicator was so violent when I got up at 4:30 AM to check 
on the 4 computers running, that I started switching the reasonably stable 
Cloud charge channel higher & lower in voltage range to mark the half-hours 
from 5AM to 7AM with the UTC clock.

The day started quiet and ended quiet at 7AM so until I sort it, I do not 
know when the variation began. There are 127 frames. Each frame contains 340 
seconds of activity. The frames are in sequential order when retrieved by 
the program. A laborious way is to calculate seconds in the data file to any 
particular hour and artificially mark an unused channel like channel 1 with 
keyboard inputs so that a broad pulse appears in any frame. Quite confusing 
if a person is not familiar with the data file......

I have posted on wesite a page showing 4 (340 sec.) frames. (1) Start, (2) 
somewhere in shower, (3) raising the sensitivity level, (4) end period of 

It is easy for me to send the program & data by mail & it takes my personal 
impression out of any biased loop when it is evaluated by others 
independantly. E-mail me your address if interested.

website page: http://www.geocities.com/stange34@sbcglobal.net/George

Larry -YCSentinel

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> Larry
> Do you have any quantifiable data of your recent intense shower
> activity? Read outs, charts, or graphs of your elestrostatic/VLF reading
> of the 2009 Quadrantid. If you do can you post?
> For those not familiar with intense meteor shower activity creating a
> quantitative VLF signature,  please review the following references  for
> the Leonid Shower period 1998 to 2002
> >
> George John Drobnock
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