(meteorobs) Video QUAs from Virginia Jan 3

Gural, Peter S. PETER.S.GURAL at saic.com
Sun Jan 4 18:19:28 EST 2009

We had exceptionally clear weather for the Quads in Northern Virginia and I set up three cameras (wide, moderate and super narrow FOV). Just finished processing the 10 hours of video for the wide field intensified camera (70x105 deg lm=+5) and here are the raw counts. Looks like the rates were still rising towards the peak which got trampled by twilight here on the east coast of the US. The were a few COMs in the mix as well. I am waiting to here from George Varros on his wide field camera results that covered my southern sky (I was pointed towards the NNE half of the sky).
Jan 3, 2009
UT     #QUAs
110-410    0  (not a single grazer !)
410-510    4
510-610    3
610-710    5
710-810    16
810-910    27
910-1010  31
1010-1110   46
I hope to examine the tracks on my recordings and George's more closely in the next few weeks to determine if there is anything to the anecdotal claims by some that there was a split or diffuse radiant. To that end, any video data or frame sequences would be handy to throw into the overall analysis. Please contact me directly if you have anything to contribute.
Cheers... Pete Gural
peter.s.gural at saic.com 

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