(meteorobs) Quads in Dallas-FW area {and 2009 LEO]

Bill Godley wwgj180 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 6 11:21:15 EST 2009

Hey Pat.  Bill from Tulsa here.  I would enjoy a chance to meet some fellow observers and it would do me good to get under some darker skies for a change.  Maybe something in the boonies of  SE Oklahoma, W. Texas or W. Oklahoma?  I don't think the US is the most favored location at the moment but we may see a good show nonetheless.

Bill Godley

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We had mostly overcast skys, with about 80-85% of the sky covered.
But I went out anyway since there was a hole in the clouds due west 
between 30 and 70 degs above the horizon. Clouds drifted thru but this 
hole area was the only area all night I could see any kind of stars in. 
At 4:30 CST (10:30 UT) after I set up, I saw a number of them in quick 
secession. Watched until about 6:30 CST as the eastern sky was turning 
blue. In all only about 20, but considering the small area of sky and 
even then it was covered for a portion of the time. It seems to me the 
peak was likely slightly earlier than predictions.

Looking forward to the Leonids of 2009 and would like to participate in 
a large party of experienced watchers. Anyone planning anything?

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