(meteorobs) Question to group. -Next intense shower with realtively short duration West Coast Evening?

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One good place to go is "The Fluxtimator"


Bottom line is the Lyrids (April) are the next shower with borderline rates, and the Perseids are the next with "Major" Rates.

Between are the Eta Aquarids, Southern delta Aquarids, and anothet handful of minor showers, but all are less than a half dozen an hour for most observers. In most case even lower than that, barring an unexpected outburst.

You could also read the NAMN Notes every month; I generally try and give a perspective from the east to west coast in North America.


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> Or a graph which shows projected intensity vs time for 2009 such as what 
> Chris has posted on his Cloudbait website on the Quadrantids........ for the 
> (NEXT) big shower? 
> I need to repeat an experiment with less user interaction in data recording. 
> Thankyou. 
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