(meteorobs) Question to group. -Next intense shower withrealtivelyshort duration West Coast Evening?

stange stange34 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 8 14:33:08 EST 2009

A helpful graph Chris. The relative intensities are displayed.

I'll do some work during the minor showers but the major ones are the 
deciding factors of merit in experiments that I run.

Your intensities with the other URL's time periods should do the trick.

Much Gracious.


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> I've got an allsky camera derived annual frequency chart at
> http://www.cloudbait.com/science/showers.html . This provides a very
> accurate estimate of what a camera will see if the weather and Moon
> cooperate. LYR and ETA are both readily detected, but simply don't provide
> many meteors. The next shower likely to produce significant activity is 
> SDA,
> then PER, but the Moon isn't particularly favorable for either this year.
> Chris
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> Subject: (meteorobs) Question to group. -Next intense shower with
> realtivelyshort duration West Coast Evening?
>> Or a graph which shows projected intensity vs time for 2009 such as what
>> Chris has posted on his Cloudbait website on the Quadrantids........ for
>> the
>> (NEXT) big shower?
>> I need to repeat an experiment with less user interaction in data
>> recording.
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