(meteorobs) US Air Force Space Surveillance Radar - tuning in?

Thomas Ashcraft ashcraft at heliotown.com
Wed Jan 21 19:31:29 EST 2009

Can anyone give me advice on tuning into the US Air Force Space 
Surveillance Radar in Texas?

I am using an ICOM PCR1000 radio with a tv antenna pointed towards 
Archer City, Texas and am tuned at 216.980 MHz.  Using USB I get a very 
strong tone. Is this the tone of the radar?  Any advice as to settings ( 
USB/LSB/CW ? ) and what filtering combination is best is welcome.  I 
wonder if you can receive meteor scatter without having the constant 
tone in the background?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Clear skies,
Thomas Ashcraft
ashcraft (at) heliotown.com
New Mexico

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