(meteorobs) AMS Fireball Sightings Log

Robert Verish bolidechaser at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 28 15:31:51 EST 2009

Hello Bob,

Regarding this entry in the AMS Fireball Sightings Log for 2008:

705d     Dec 27     0155     PST     Andrew     Modesto     California     NW45-SE30     -11     5     Blue/Green     N     N     Y     Delayed sonic boom

We need to contact "Andrew" in Modesto in order to interview him about his observations, specifically about his comment "Delayed sonic boom".  Rob Matson is formulating a model for this fireball based upon all of these observers and is needing a more specific time range for this "delay".

Do you retain the email address for these eye-witnesses?
Is there any way that we can contact this person?

With best regards,
Bob Verish

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