(meteorobs) Observation July 8/9 2011

Koen Miskotte k.miskotte at upcmail.nl
Mon Aug 8 11:51:37 EDT 2011

Hi all,
Just back from an amazing trip to Namibia. Four meteor observers (Peter van 
Leuteren, Carl Johannink, Michel Vandeputte and I) conducted observations 
from the Hakos Guestfarm in Namibia. During 11 clear nights we counted about 
8000 meteeors.
The SDA radiant culminates around the zenit. We had very clear sky with 
eastern and western zodiacal light, the gegenschein and the lightbridges 
easely visible. Limithing magnitudes between 6,6 and 6,9. Also the 
Capricornids were great with some nice fireballs and even a spectaculair 
double -3 Capricornid.
Jaap van 't Leven and Klaas Jobse performed simultaneously video 
observations of the SDA's. More results will follow.
Regards, Koen
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