(meteorobs) Somewhat disappointing PERs from north Florida this morning

Bill Godley wwgj180 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 11 11:23:39 EDT 2011

IMO shows a peak ZHR last year of 90, and the year before of 180.
I saw 6 during 40 minutes early this morning in somewhat hazy, cloud-obstructed conditions (posted to IMO).
Maybe the shower is quieting down, but Anthony you must have been very unluck if you went even an hour seeing no Perseids on recent peak nights.  Or do you mean the 5 or 10 minute intervals that seem like hours when you are watching on peak night? ;)

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I agree, Paul. I rememeber Late 80's and early 90's Perseids being much higher rated than the last few years or so. Recent showers have been almost "disappointing," sometimes showing no meteors during long hours  of observing on peak night. 
Maybe it's just us, or it's possible that some of our 'meteor model mavens' on here have seen a shift in the streams over the years?


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Greetings again all,
>    Although my skies were a bit hazy, muddy, murky, fuzzy, foggy around the edges, I managed an hour of pre-dawn PER watching this morning (Aug. 10/11) from my driveway.  I got only 19 PERs all told, plus a spattering of other assorted non-Perseids from 4:30 to 5:30 EDT.  Only a lone +1 PER was the closest thing to a bright one I saw.  Most of them were rather faint indeed and I may have lost a few to the sky conditions, but anything bright or near bright would have shown up.  And the skies were good enough to record data.  Full data to follow seperately.
>   I don't know, maybe it's me, but these recent PER displays pale in comparison to the ones we had back in the late seventies and eighties.  Seemed like 90 to 100 per hour or more was routine back then in any dark moon year.  60 per hour was more common on the night before maximum!  I recall specifically in 1977, we were seeing 60/hour before midnight on max night.  By dawn that morning, we were getting 3 to 4 PERs a MINUTE!  Nothing like that going on anymore!!  What has happened to the PERS??
>  Hopefully, they will pick up from here and good luck to all who watch.  I'll give it another  go in the morning but I don't expect a whole lot what with the full moon and all.  Maybe we'll get lucky...
>Clear skies, Paul
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